Online Q&A with Howard Dean on Rouhani's first year record

A year after Hassan Rouhani took office in Iran and despite his charm of 'moderation,' the situation of Human Rights in Iran has deteriorated.

Amnesty International has reported a surge in the number of executions in Iran and recently a high ranking group of UN rights experts expressed their outrage over the execution of political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi and called for a halt on death penalty.

In light of the above, an online Q&A with Howard Dean, former Presidential candidate has been organized on June 16 at 11am to 12, EST.

The focus of the Q&A will be on Hassan Rouhani's first year record & role of mullahs'- human rights violations in dealings of the West with Tehran.

Please use #AskGovernorDean to submit your questions.

Governor Dean will give his answers to the questions via a video channel on www.iranconvention.com and on the Facebook Page “Iran Freedom”.

It could also be watched on Twitter using the link that will be produced and published slightly before the Q&A session starts on Monday the 16th.

Convention of Iranian Communities for Democracy

Convention in Berlin October 2013

Thousands of delegates representing Iranians living in Germany attending a convention in Berlin on October 5, 2013 declared their support for democratic change in Iran.


Iranian convention in Belgium

Largest Gathering

Every year scores of Iranian communities from within Iran and throughout send huge delegations to Paris to participate in what has become the most important political event relating to Iran's opposition. 

Iran News

Joint statement of the Iranian Associations of Belgium, in support of the First international Conven

Iranian Community of Belgium, including " Iranian Democratic Women Association ", “Iranian Refugees Association- supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran", and the " Iranian Association for Human Rights , Culture and Arts" , have been campaigning for years to expose the theocratic dictatorship ruling Iran. Through these activities they have represented the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy, human rights and the establishment of a secular government in Iran.

It is noteworthy that the "Youth Association of Iranian Students in Belgium " has been passionately received by the Iranian and Belgian youths. These students will try to echo the voices of the Iranian youth in Europe.

By holding meetings, seminars and demonstrations these associations in Belgium will try to expose the nature of the regime and the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran under the new so called “moderate” President Rouhani.

Considering the explosive nature of the Iranian society the mullahs’ regime does not want nor is it able to implement real reforms and democratization .Any real reforms , which we would have welcomed, will shake the foundations of the ruling theocracy resulting in regime change in Iran.

We declare that at this critical and historical juncture supporting the "campaign to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty", is the duty of all democrat forces. We also appreciate and express our solidarity with the heroic resistance of political prisoners in Iran and demand the release of all prisoners of conscience in Iran.

In conclusion, we voice our strong support for the "National Council of Resistance of Iran" and the "10-point program, of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi," as the Democratic alternative for Iran of tomorrow.

" Iranian Democratic Women Association in Belgium "
" Iranian Refugees Association- supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran",
" Iranian Association in Belgium for Human Rights , Culture and Arts"
" Association des Jeunes & Etudiants Démocrates Iraniens en Belgique"