Gathering of 60 Iranian associations in Nordic countries in Oslo

Oslo, February 25, 2014

Supporters of free Iran in Nordic nations have called for the overthrow of the theocratic regime as the only way to ensure freedom and democracy for the nation's people.

Delegates at a gathering in Oslo also backed Iranian Resistance president-elect Maryam Rajavi's ten-point plan for the establishment of human rights and a secular system in Iran.

Sixty Iranian associations issued the demands at the conference of the Friends of a Free Iran (FOFI) groups in Scandinavian countries on February 25.

They stressed that new President, Hassan Rouhani, was not capable of reforming Iran and his sole aim was to preserve the religious dictatorship.

And they pledged their full support for the PMOI members in Camp Liberty who are under constant threat of attack.

A statement issued by the delegates said: "The West's focus on nuclear negotiations and its ignorance and inaction regarding the catastrophic human rights situation in Iran is a green light to these atrocities has emboldened the Iranian regime in oppressing the Iranian people, in particular in conducting group executions.

"During the last 35 years the internal repression has been a strategic underpinning for the survival of the mullahs’ rule. The regime of Velayat-e faqih neither wishes to nor can cease its repression for a moment.

"The West’s fanning of the illusion of moderation of Rouhani and West’s cooperation with this regime under any pretext has no meaning for Iranians other than fuelling the repression and hence will affect the future relationship of these countries with Iran."

They noted that since Rouhani took office, more than 600 executions had been recorded and that it had accelerated the export of terrorism and fundamentalism, especially regarding the slaughter of the Syrian and Iraqi people.

They also condemned the inaction of the United Nations and the US government in protecting Camp Liberty residents and their repeated violation of their commitments, and called on them to act immediately to free the seven Ashraf hostages, provide security to Camp Liberty residents, conduct an inquiry into the crime against humanity in Ashraf, and permanently station UN monitors and Blue Helmets inside Camp Liberty.

Maryam Rajavi told the conference: "Out of an impasse, Khamenei and his regime were forced to take a serious setback in their 20-year massive investment to attain the nuclear bomb.

"However, since Khamenei is well aware of the destructive consequences of giving up the nuclear projects, in distancing himself from the negotiations he is trying to keep the option of overturning the negotiations although any return from this path would doubly take his regime into the abyss of destruction."

She said Western governments should not back down from the Security Council resolutions, including a complete halt to the enrichment, the Additional Protocol, and stopping the missile program - which would make it possible for the regime to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Mrs Rajavi also urged Western governments to compel the regime to stop the torture and execution in Iran and to end its warmongering and terrorism in the region by ending its influence in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

She called on the international community to act immediately to secure the release of the Ashraf hostages, temporarily transfer all PMOI members to the United States and Europe, provide imperative security requirements against missile attacks, station UN monitors and a team of Blue Helmets inside Camp Liberty, conduct an independent inquiry by the International Criminal Court into the crime against humanity, and facilitate the sale of property in Ashraf by the residents’ legal representative.

The conference was also attended by Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, Geir Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland, Norwegian lawmakers Christian Norheim and Geir Jorgen Bekkevold, Juku-Kalle Raid, member of parliament from Estonia, and numerous key political personalities from Nordic countries.

Convention in Berlin October 2013

Thousands of delegates representing Iranians living in Germany attending a convention in Berlin on October 5, 2013 declared their support for democratic change in Iran.


Iranian convention in Belgium

Largest Gathering

Every year scores of Iranian communities from within Iran and throughout send huge delegations to Paris to participate in what has become the most important political event relating to Iran's opposition. 

Iran News

Joint statement of the Iranian Associations of Belgium, in support of the First international Conven

Iranian Community of Belgium, including " Iranian Democratic Women Association ", “Iranian Refugees Association- supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran", and the " Iranian Association for Human Rights , Culture and Arts" , have been campaigning for years to expose the theocratic dictatorship ruling Iran. Through these activities they have represented the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy, human rights and the establishment of a secular government in Iran.

It is noteworthy that the "Youth Association of Iranian Students in Belgium " has been passionately received by the Iranian and Belgian youths. These students will try to echo the voices of the Iranian youth in Europe.

By holding meetings, seminars and demonstrations these associations in Belgium will try to expose the nature of the regime and the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran under the new so called “moderate” President Rouhani.

Considering the explosive nature of the Iranian society the mullahs’ regime does not want nor is it able to implement real reforms and democratization .Any real reforms , which we would have welcomed, will shake the foundations of the ruling theocracy resulting in regime change in Iran.

We declare that at this critical and historical juncture supporting the "campaign to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty", is the duty of all democrat forces. We also appreciate and express our solidarity with the heroic resistance of political prisoners in Iran and demand the release of all prisoners of conscience in Iran.

In conclusion, we voice our strong support for the "National Council of Resistance of Iran" and the "10-point program, of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi," as the Democratic alternative for Iran of tomorrow.

" Iranian Democratic Women Association in Belgium "
" Iranian Refugees Association- supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran",
" Iranian Association in Belgium for Human Rights , Culture and Arts"
" Association des Jeunes & Etudiants Démocrates Iraniens en Belgique"